Costanza - Il sogno di Scipione - W.A. Mozart

Gotham Chamber Opera - 2012


“Marie-Eve Munger as a graceful, virtuosic Costanza.”

New York Times


“Based on the performance by the young cast, Scipio picked the right one.  Soprano Marie-Eve Munger as Constancy displayed a warm lyric soprano that stayed pleasing even on the high notes.”

The Associated Press


“Scipione places exorbitant vocal demands (...) In the role of Constancy, soprano Marie-Eve Munger displayed a pliant legato style and a gentle charm befitting the character’s steadiness.  Constancy is of course harder to dramatize than the fickleness of Fortuna, but Munger made an appealing, confident figure (...)”

Opera News


“Like the rest of the cast, Marie-Eve Munger brings energy and wonderful vocal work to this update of one of Mozart’s lesser-known works. (...) As the goddess Costanza, [she] maintained an attractive melodic line through the fireworks”

New York Post


“Marie-Eve Munger conveyed both dignity and sensuality with a distinctive voice - with a hint of warmth and a crystalline top.”

The Star-Ledger


“Constanza's mystical character in this production synced with the magical proficiency of Munger's awesome technique. She sang "Ciglio che al sol si gira" accurately in a breathtakingly fast tempo without losing any of its tenderness. "Biancheggia in mar lo scoglio" was given with a power and drama that showed that this girl next door had a kicking engine under the hood.”



“Marie-Eve Munger plays the grounded, angelic Constancy, with a smooth effortless voice to match.”

The Celebrity


“Marie-Eve Munger produced a radiant Costanza, effortlessly navigating the coloratura and high flying vocal lines.”

The Tyro Theatre Critic