Lakmé - Lakmé - L. Delibes

Opéra-Théâtre de St-Étienne -  2013

"The youthful cast is a great pleasure.  Marie-Eve Munger is as pretty to look at as she is to listen to, with a rich timbre, including in the lower register, that does not prevent agility of the coloratura or ease of the upper register.  Her interpretation of the famous "Bell Song" is deeper than just a circus act – one feels the thrill of life, the fear of her father, the uncertainty of love..."



"Radiating with sensuality, Marie-Eve Munger is an excellent alternative to the canaries expected in this repertoire.  Of course, the Canadian soprano's upper register sparkles, especially in the Bell Song, but her interpretation is much more than this evanescent babble.  She shapes it with mezza voce and pianissimi that confer on her character a welcome psychological depth(…) One thing that has become too rare not to be underlined, the surtitles proved superfluous as the clarity of the diction from the cast was excellent."

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"Marie-Eve Munger is a beautiful revelation.  This young Quebec soprano has a gorgeous voice with a lovely upper register. The pyrotechnics in the Bell Song are perfectly mastered(...) The third act requires a more lyrical voice and Munger shows a fruity timbre and a beautiful legato line. Her wonderful pianissimi and palette of colors serve a musically intelligent interpretation, culminating in a moving death."

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"[Marie-Eve Munger] deploys treasures of charm, dramatically and vocally(...) Upon entering, one is struck by the clarity of her inflexions, her [vocal] gestures seemingly simple and natural as if they were spoken, every word sounding perfectly understandable. Her first aria envelops us with a gentle melancholy, and her voice rises effortlessly to fill the theater. It was feared that an instrument with such easy high notes would be a little light for this role; it is not. The medium and low registers project a full and assertive sound, and she moves through the role effortlessly with flexibility and freedom, with a voice that fills one with ease. The highly anticipated Bell Song swept up the room with the richness of its nuances and the fullness of her upper register.  And with a poignant “Tu m’as donné le plus doux rêve”, she showed infinite modesty, closing a performance of great maturity. This actress is superb, always truthful in her interpretation, and making palpable the awakening of love of this young woman. We salute to the discovery of a new Lakmé.”  

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"Canadian soprano Marie-Eve Munger is an excellent Lakmé: with a smile in the voice and diction that brings us back to a glorious past, but with all the modern comforts, this is to say without acidity in the timbre or immature inflexion. One had to see her wonder, as she uttered Gérald's words "C'est le dieu de la jeunesse".  And her Bell song was no circus act since(…) the heroine sings under threat, trembling at the idea that she could lure her beloved into an ambush."

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"The Quebec soprano Marie-Eve Munger takes on the title role with great natural ease, never forcing her voice. She embodies a less childish Lakmé than [a previous interpreter of the role in this production] and therefore satisfies better than her colleague in the lyricism of the last act, while negotiating with aplomb the difficult coloraturas of the Bell Song. "


"The cast... proves physically very credible, demonstrates a remarkable sensitivity and masters the required style(...) combined with the touching fragility of Marie-Eve Munger's Lakmé (a moving "Tu m'as donné le plus doux rêve"), they offered us a final scene that gave us goose-bumps."


"The cast is young and fresh, starting with soprano Marie-Eve Munger in the title role, with a fluid vocal production, a perfect timbre and an enchanting legato."



"(…) Marie-Eve Munger's Lakmé [is] a much better actress and much more moving. With the Canadian soprano, one really follows the evolution of the character, from an innocent and obedient little girl who(…) completely opens up to love, to assume fully her destiny as a woman... The role is not just the famous aria "Bell Song "(...) and we thank Marie-Eve Munger for reminding us of that with so much sensitivity and passion. "

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