La Colorature - The Second Woman - F. Verrières

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord - 2011

Grand Prix de la Critique - France

“Marie-Eve Munger embodies a frightingly effective coloratura with poisonous seduction.“


“The cast of singers is excellent, (...) and Marie-Eve Munger’s ghost sister perform heroically through the overlong middle section...“

Financial Times


“(...) to whom responded the sharp energy of Marie-Eve Munger’s powerful, rich and vertiginously extended voice.“


“(...) the opera’s success is due to its formidable team spirit (...) and especially to its extraordinary band of actors singers: (...) and Marie-Eve Munger, luminous and devilish coloratura soprano.“


“But this new opera is particularly the consecration of the voice: (...) it reigns along the four acts and ninty-five minute of this UFO - vocally unidentified opera.  An hybridization all the more destabilizing since the voices are not only strong, but also beautiful and moving, starting with the lead singer, Elizabeth Calleo and her double, Marie-Eve Munger.“


“Unless it is an opera, bringing together brilliant soloists(...)  It would be a little bit of everything, a kind of vertiginous stretch between atonal music and a repertoire mixing lyric arias from the eighteen century (...)“



“The success wouldn’t be possible without the total dedication of the protagonists (...) Marie-Eve Munger the quebec coloratura.“


“(...) he creates the contrast alternating the lyrical passages - entrusted to the good care of Elizabeth Calleo an Marie-Eve Munger.“

Les Échos


“Elizabeth Calleo, the young problematic diva, Marie-Eve Munger the coloratura, her spectral sister, and Jean-Sébastien Bou, the baritone embodying the lover assassin, form an ideal trio.“


“(...) the performers, all confounding with natural, participate also to this artistic success.“

Le Monde